Company Message:-

ALKADERIA Restaurant is the place for the best food experience of Bangladeshi foods. Our fresh and organic ingredients with the touch of our state of the art chef will provide you better living experience. Our hospitality will make you feel like home. ”CREATE THE WORLD OF NEW FOOD CULTURE”


Company’s vision:-

“Good food, better life”.


Company’s mission:-

  1. To be an excellent restaurant operator that offers healthy and delicious food to customer.
  2. To learn and deeply understand the needs of our customers and to provide the best meal and service for our customers at a reasonable price.
  3. To provide a quick and warm service to maximize customer’s satisfaction.
  4. To be a restaurant with the high level of hygiene standard amidst a relaxed atmosphere.
  5. To make employees happy contended in their work.
  6. To assist and provide social and environment support.
  7. Lead the food service industry through the ‘ONLYONE’ service and taste.
  8. Share Bangladeshi food culture across the globe through the ALKADERIA Restaurant.


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